Workplace Rudeness – will the cream chargers cure it?

With employee numbers increasing and customers’ demands being met with some difficulty, Caroline and Jody still found time to carry out their customer services duties. The customer numbers had grown to alarming numbers but with it came a lot of unwelcome attention from a number of male office workers. This started off as just a few remarks but over time it grew into outright rudeness and the girls decided to take on a salesman to carry out these duties.


Enter Craig, a six foot ex-rugby player in his thirties. He had been out of work for some time and apart from playing semi professional rugby for a few years, he had a sales background. The first thing Caroline and Jody did was introduce Craig to their supplier and get him acquainted with the whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers and the other various cream supplies. After two days of familiarising himself with the products, it was time to meet the customers.


The first office block was not too bad and Craig was introduced to the company managers and things went well. It was pretty much the same in the next three blocks of offices until they reached the block where Jody and Caroline had experienced the most abuse and rudeness. Craig told the girls to go inside on their own and he would follow in five minutes. As the five minutes lapsed Craig made his way into the building and was immediately confronted with four young men hassling and abusing the girls.


What followed was the source of amusement for some time. Craig walked up to the girls and positioned himself between the young men and the girls and proceeded to introduce himself to the offenders. He then stated that due to the company’s work load, Caroline and Jody would not be able to continue visiting the office and he would be taking over with immediate effect. The office fell silent and Craig persuaded the young men to purchase more of their produce than they would ever be able to consume. With a smile he persuaded the girls to leave the office while he had a quiet word with the young men.